A daily-use treatment pad that treats pigmentation, skin tone, texture, and photo aging. This product is a  custom combination of enzymes, acids, and antioxidants to address individual skin needs, specifically for the treatment of pigmentation and texture. Each batch of Koji Pads are compounded upon order. Free of fragrance, preservatives and hydroquinone.


  • Kojic acid and Arbutin lighten and brighten to treat pigmentation, skin tone and texture
  • Ascorbic acid provides antioxidants to combat photo aging
  • Salycilic acid provides exfoliation to help with product penetration


How to use: Smooth pad over areas to be treated. Apply daily, or as directed.


A skin consultation in our clinic is required prior to initial use of this product. If you purchase this item online, your order will be put on hold until we can verify your purchase history. Please contact us at 615-321-1003 to schedule a consultation if this is your first time purchasing this item.